New iPhone problems :( Terrible battery life, random freezes, iTunes problem, email

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by BiikeMike, Sep 25, 2008.

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    Sep 17, 2005
    OK, so I just got a brand new 16GB iPhone from the Apple store, 4 days ago. I got my wife an 8GB one at the same time. Mine is having some crazy problems I can't figure out.

    First, the battery life. My phone has 1 hour and 11 minutes of talking, 1.9 megabyes sent, and 68 received. I haven't used the internet much, and only played with a couple apps. That doesn't seem like a lot of time to me, but the phone won't even make it through a day. I unplug it and leave for work around 8:30am and it is in the red by my ride home at 6:00. I have tried it with 3G on, 3G off, GPS off, it makes no difference. Is this normal? My Wife's phone hasn't been charged since Tuesday night and it's still got half battery. She emails, takes pictures, surfs the web, etc.

    Next problem, Today, my phone totally froze twice. It didn't respond to any buttons or touch. I had to hold the home and top button both for 30 seconds or so. That is definitely not normal...

    Next problem, every time I plug my phone into my computer, I get the "Welcome to your new iPhone, let's get started" screen. Whats up with that?

    Lastly, my email is super unreliable. I have a few Gmail accounts, and they only check when I open the mail app even though it's set to 15 minute polling. . I have seen where others have had this problem, which brings me to the only thing out of the ordinary I have done with my phone.

    I researched the email thing last night, found where someone said if you downgrade to 2.0.2, set up your email, and then upgrade to 2.1, it will fix the problems. I tried to downgrade to 2.0.2 by downloading it and then option restoring in iTunes. It got almost all the way through, and then said that it was not able to continue. I tried again, still couldn't continue, so I restored through iTunes.

    If anyone has ANY help to any of my questions, I will be SUPER grateful. I love the phone, and if I could solve these issues, it will be perfect.

    I am running a 16GB iPhone with 2.1, MacBook Pro 2.16 with 10.4.11. No hacks, no music or movies yet, just a few ringtones.
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    Sep 17, 2005
    nobody can help me? I did some more research on the email thing last night, apparently it's a widespread problem with no fix. The other stuff though, no dice. I did a full restore yesterday, we'll see what happens today
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    Feb 29, 2008
    E-mail is definitely a HUGE problem everyone is having. I got my iPhone last week (maybe it's 2 weeks now), so I don't know what it was ever like before 2.1, but it sounds like you might be best just getting a replacement from Apple? Possible you got a lemon...especially when you match it up against your wife's performance (iPhone 3G performance, of course).

    Let us know how the restore goes. If it still acts up, I say just bring it into Apple, and they'll probably replace it for you - plus, much easier to replace early than after you've found your perfect setup of apps and customized your phone :)

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