New iPhone User. Can't Decide Between Screen Protectors, Cases, and Skins

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by forruonly, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Sep 5, 2014

    I know many threads have been posted and I have used the search feature, I swear.

    I recently had an accident and while in recovery my mother treated me to an iPhone, since she knew I wanted to switch over. Little quick background: I only dropped my phone once and have never damaged or cracked the screen. Only had minor scratches due to putting it on my desk somehow.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Will screen protectors which cover the entire screen (I've noticed some have weird cutouts for the camera and do not have the bottom portion of the home button) come out later?
    2. Do privacy seriously hinder the display as in it diminishes the quality greatly? And has anyone heard of
    3. The following are the screen protectors I've considered getting. I never put anything other than my phone in my pocket and always lay it flat on it's back, not the screen, on my desk. Can anyone suggestion one over the other?,, (I know this isn't released yet),,, and
    4. If I use the following:, will it be very visible on a black, not jet black iPhone 7 Plus? Or is the back of the iPhone 7 Plus built in a way where if I only lay it on a flat table it'll be very unlikely to scratch? (I love BSE, but I can't install it for the life of me and I've heard poor reviews on here of Slickwraps, which I originally wanted to get.)
    5. I'm tempted to get the leather Apple case. I'm not sure if it will take away from the look of the phone (I don't mind the slipperiness of it) and if I can easily take it off and on and if it would interfere with Bodyguardz clear skin.

    Sorry for all the questions. I will be more than willing to somehow thank (wink wink) anyone who can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. bhayes444 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 13, 2013
    1. I would imagine the full screen protectors will come out soon enough, they really just need to update the earpiece cutout for the newer phone. If you search for the, on Amazon or some other site they are generally referred to as 3D screen protectors.
    2. Of course a privacy protector would hinder the display a bit as that is what the intention is. You pretty much need to be looking at it straight on or the screen will start to be blacked out.
    3/4. I have no experience with those protectors, so I will let others step in for this question.
    5. The Apple leather cases are fairly nice, and won't detract from the look of your phone that much; unless you feel it needs to have that aluminum showing. They are quite easy to take on and off. It is possible that it would interfere with your skin depending on how much you take it off/put it on and the quality of the skin.

    My suggestion is to just decide whether you would rather have a case or a skin and save some money. There are always new skin textures/style and cases that come out, so it can be a bit easy to start spending money on all that new stuff.

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