new iphone5 cannot sign into app store

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    Jan 1, 2012
    My wife got her new iphone5 a few days ago. I was going to let her sign into my account on the app store so she could download apps but it wouldn't sign in. We tried several times and we were careful to use the correct email address and password. I went to my computer and signed in that way just fine. I went to my iphone4 and it won't sign in either.

    Since the last time I bought apps we have changed our home internet provided and of course our email addresses. I updated the email address in my itunes account and verified today that my account has the new email address and I can sign into it with no problems using my computer.

    I can go to settings on the phone, tell it to log out, then try to log back in using the entire username and password but it won't go. I get stuck in a continuous loop of it asking for a password, asking for a password, asking for a password, ...
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