New ipod, mac os 9, help please


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Aug 26, 2008
Hi, I was trying to get my neighbors new ipod that he just bought to work for him so he can put songs on it. He doesn't know alot about computers at all and he has a computer with mac os 9 installed on it. I don't know much about mac os, only windows, but i still can get around it alright. Well anyways i was trying to get it to work but it says i need mac os 10.4 or something to use the new ipod. I'm not going to reinstall mac on his computer because he would lose all his stuff probably, and he doesn't use the computer enough to go through the trouble of updateing. He just needs a computer for transfering songs onto his new ipod, I'm sure there has got to be a work-around, any ideas? please? thanks


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Jul 24, 2002
There is no way to use a current iPod (or any iPod I don't think) on OS 9. You are basically asking us how to get it working on an OS about as old as Windows 98! You need iTunes to use an iPod and the versions of iTunes required simply don't exist for such an old OS.


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Feb 17, 2008
Yeah his computers to old, reinstalling wont help.

He will need to buy a copy of OS X Tiger or better on ebay, and even then if its an OS 9 machine it will require some hefty upgrades.


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Aug 21, 2004
I'm guessing he has an old iMac G3?

You can run Tiger on that.

Let us know what kind of computer he's got. It may be easier than it seems.