iPod touch new iPod touch - with FM radio!


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Oct 11, 2007
It's a shame really...those few things: expandable memory, FM radio, mic & speaker could make the real touch SO much better :)


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Oct 14, 2007
I think it's one of those Chinese rip-offs... Engadget... No, Gizmodo... Some website like that reported on it a few days ago. It's a piece of junk. :mad:


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Oct 12, 2007
the reasion u never herd of it b4 is that is is a mock up apple.com dosen't even have it on their.


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Jul 4, 2007
According to two of the comments there, it's much smaller than the iPod Touch, and it's being retailed by several different distributors giving it different names such as:

Onda VX858, Pasen iTouch, Digital Touch DT-1, and SuperTalent Vidego28.

This hands-on comment is interesting:

news-letter @ Oct 22nd 2007 10:24AM
I happened to see that in store and tried it.

1) The device is much smaller than the iPod. About as high as the iPod is wide.
2) Its nice to have a touchscreen. This one being 'simple-touch', not multi-touch.
3) It is very basic in all respects.
4) I think nobody will mistake it for an iPod. The only thing that makes it look like an iPod are the icons.
I expect we'll be seeing two dozen different models in the next few months as they all adopt touch-screens. And they'll all look similar to the iPhone/Touch. How physically different can you make a no-button touch screen unit look from any other? The differences will be in either size or type/number of features, and eventually Apple's usual market separation and advantage being the OS (as per Macs and iPods - anyone can manufacture a duplicate machine, but not the OS).
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