New ipods??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JW8725, Aug 16, 2005.

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    They all are pretty cool ideas. My favorites are the wireless/watch I don't like the phone and the camera is pretty abysmal.

    I disagree about what they're saying
    'Take a close look at the kit we could be buying from Apple in the near future.'

    Here's the problem w/ that.
    Other than the wireless iPod, all the other products would involve incorporating a product that is already in its own established field.

    Cameras- Sony could barely break in w/ a $900 w/ a $1700 lens on it. (they ended up discontinuing the camera)
    Watches- A little more do-able w/ wireless capabilities but what if you're not in range of a wireless reception. Apple will then have to then master the WATCH before they can stick an iPod in.
    CellPhones- Already mastered by these japanese/korean companies. You can already get streaming stuff as well as music etc.

    One could argue that because it'll be an iPod-esque product, people will buy and it will do well. I'm a skeptic.

    Oh yeah, The wireless iPod is hot, anyway :D .

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