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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mudwoman22, Jun 12, 2010.

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    May 31, 2010
    Hi everyone, I just got a new 64 gb ipod touch...This is odd..but I still haven't taken it out of the box.
    I've been afraid to touch it xD (ironic ain't it) ...I have a few odd questions:

    I bought a case/screen should be here on monday...should I wait to open it?
    How cleanable is this item? It seems like a magnet for smudges so I feel like I should put the s.p on it before I touch it...paranoid..I'm aware =)
    also: all iphone apps work with the ipod touch? (besides the ones that require a mic and such)
    how much space do apps take up usually?

    what are you'll's favorite app for your ipod touch?

    and: should I buy some new headphones? I've heard the apple ones suck...but I don't want to spend anymore money than necessary.

    thanks <3
  2. "GeorgeE", Jun 12, 2010
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    Mar 20, 2010

    From when i got mine, within the first like 5 mins of having it open there were scratches on the back. If you want to keep the back all clean and shiny, wait and put a cover on. With the screen, i don't have any problems but it does get pretty oily at times, but a cloth helps with that.

    Just about all iphone apps should work with it, but i don't have that many so i don't really know. Apps on mine are about 200Mb, and i would say the average app is 7Mb. My Fav is shazam but i can't use it anymore cause i did away with the apple earphones with the mic. Hahaha

    Look, in my honest opinion the apple earphones are ok. but i still would get some better earphones, like some sennheisers or something.

    Have Fun :D:apple:
  3. Saberon macrumors 6502a

    Sep 16, 2008
    It is cleanable but I always apply the protector straight out of box, makes for better application I always thought. I recommend waiting.

    99.9% of apps work on iPhone and iPod touch. There is a very small percentage that are set to iPhone only so don't worry about it 1 bit

    Apps take up anywhere from 1mb to a giant size but 95% are quite small. I have 4 GB of apps and that includes a 1GB navigation app. You can hold a LOT of apps.

    Favourite apps are Doodle Jump (seriously you have to buy this one) and Monopoly

    Try the apple headphones, if they don't cut it for you, get new ones. They should be fine for *most* people.
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    May 29, 2010
    hey, well i cant help you with anything else other than headphones
    (i dont have an ipod touch) but if you dont want to spend that much on headphones, you can keep your apple headphones and still use these, i dont know if you want in ear or not, but these are pretty cheap, they look pretty cool, if you dont want that i HIGHLY suggest anything skullcandy, i use to own a pair of INK'D and they are AMAZING, fairly cheap, great sound quality (at least i thought so), and if you break your headphones they have a lifetime warranty:eek:, not so sure about the customer service, but i still think theyre a great deal, ive owned so many headphones, its ridiculous, ive gone through 4 pairs in one year-sony mdr-ex700 sorry best link i could find (used them for about ten seconds and hated them, because i hate asym cords, but if you can stand them it has very good sound quality, especially the bass), skullcandy ink'd (best ive ever had, loved them, again great sound quality and no asym cord), sennheiser cx300 (ok-again asym cord but it was standable, ok sound quality), v-moda vibe (above ok, but not great, non-asym cord, good sound quality and they just straight up look great). if anyone wants to know ive gotten all my headphones from ebay, :), even though i dont own i dont own an ipod touch, doodle jumps fun, both jelly cars, pocket tanks or tank wars(i think), tap tap revenge, spill da milk, that all i can think of, i also suggest buying a y-headphone splitter, if youre always having people listening to your music, belkin makes one, but if not thats cool:cool:, if you want a warranty squaretrade sounds good;). :eek:, that was a long post
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