New iTunes purchases are still DRM....??

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    Hi...I am at a loss as to why this is happening too. I have raised the case with iTunes support as I have only noticed it over the last few days. (I am running iTunes 11 and iOS 6.02 on my iPhones/iPads.

    I have tested it on different Apple ID'S. Any album that I buy from the iTunes store that has some tracks listed as album only do play in iTunes. However those particular tracks that were shown as album only are MP4 OR MPEG protected.

    Here are the 3 albums I tested -

    Rod Stewart Merry Xmas Baby (Delux)
    Track that is album only and DRM is Have yourself a very merry Christmas.

    The very best of Neil Diamond - several tracks including I am I said which is DRM

    A Symphony of British Music (Olympic Ceremony)
    Track - The Spice Girls Wannabe and several others too that show as album only are also DRM.

    Not sure if many other people are having this issue but wish it would get sorted as while it doesn't affect playing them in iTunes it does affect my Sonos system as you can't listen to DRM tracks on Sonos.

    Anyone else having these problems are have an answer?

    Many Thanks Rob

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