New Keyboard w/ G5?


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Aug 10, 2007
Hi all,

I've just got one of the new apple keyboards (which I have to add, no complaints so far, like the keys and the layout!)... But I have a slight problem!

Basically all of the new keys at the top aren't mapped correctly. I know I can remap keys myself in sys. preferences, but that won't allow me to map the volume and playback controls. The manual says to download the new apple keyboard software from the support site, but erm... it doesn't exist! (unless I'm just overlooking it)...

So does anyone know how I can get all of the keys mapped correctly?!



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Oct 27, 2005
You know, i was in the apple store yesterday playing around with the new KB to decide if I wanted to upgrade. It was, of course, hooked up to a new iMac, but the keys on that computer weren't working correctly either. They were mapped like the old keyboard (which left no control for brightness, volume, etc). I guess the new iMacs need the update installed :confused: