New (kinda) macbook pro not reading discs well

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by FiddlersGreen, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. FiddlersGreen macrumors newbie

    Jul 7, 2008
    Ok... this is my first mac... my first laptop too... I did buy this refurbished but for 3000 dollars this thing should not only play my CDs and such with perfection but cook my food and feed it to me too.. refurbished or not.

    Since I've never had a macbook before or a laptop for that matter... is this normal?

    First, I have a program that is made for windows/mac. It works great on my old computer but this dumb thing will just not read the disc. I figured since it was an older program (2006), maybe this computer wont read it. Also, I wasn't sure how well something that claims to work on both Macs and Windows would work very well. So I didn't give it much thought even though I WOULD like to get the program to work (one of the reasons I finally bought my own computer). However, this thing sucks at playing music CDs as well. These CDs are brand new fresh from the packages, no scratches at all... they are older releases but I don't think that should matter I wouldn't think. The first CD I put in, it read nicely... ripped it took it out. Second CD took a couple reads but it finally worked. Third CD took forever!! It just kept
    spitting it back out.

    Other than this though the computer works excellent. But if I can't get my animation program to work on it, I would at least like it to be able to read my albums. So.. I just wanna hear from others... is the MBP just real finicky when it comes to the CD-Rom drive or is this grounds for a replacement?

    I just got my computer like 2 or three days ago. I got it refurbished cause a nice refurbished one with everything and HD cost almost about as much a brand new one with half the stuff. Since my brand new one ended up being nearly 3k, I just went with the refurbished one with more extras and the HD 17 widescreen. Plus everyone said refurbished are actually better cause apple runs frequent tests on these before resending them back out or whatever.


    EDIT: Something else I just noticed right now... if I place my hand over the right speaker area, the screen starts fading dark. Like when you leave the computer and it fades to conserve energy... it fades like that and lights back up after my hand passes. My hand can be waved across way above it and it still does this. I was wondering why everytime I hit delete it would start to fade but it was cause my pinky and stuff would go over that speaker area.
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    Sep 23, 2007
    I don't know why your computer is not playing CD's/DVD's correctly but I can help on the second issue.

    Go to System Preferences, Displays, Display.

    There is a box on the bottom that should be unchecked.

    "Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes", this should take care of that problem.

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