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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by TuckBodi, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I have to jump in and give a plug for this 3rd party s/w I stumbled on this past weekend (not affiliated with the developer). While I'm waiting to see what Apple's iControl is gonna do for me in helping me remote control my music libraries, this software Signal is something I've been looking for for about ten years or so (and will probably buy if Apple's iControl isn't the same product or is better). So while Signal's iphone interface to my iTunes library is really cool, what makes it something very special for me is how I expanded on it.

    I've had a Twentieth Anniversary Mac sitting in my entertainment center for ten years or so and I've looked at different options and ways to tie it into controlling my music. First via a serial box h/w method to my CD jukeboxes (with Hypercard) and then through slimserver and the like via digital content. None worked to my liking.

    Then Signal came along and I found you could access the built-in webserver directly and even customize the pages (like for size of screen (TAM is 800x600)). Using iCab (OS9) and its Kiosk mode I can now control my music library from my TAM, which is perfect for parties and so on. I also like its clean yet functional interface.

    I'm also running this on an old gum drop iMac of mine in another room and I've setup my old AirPort Express (with AirTunes) on my stereo in my basement, with my old iBook alongside. So now I have the same music and controls throughout the house. The beauty is when the song changes, or you switch a song or set a rating, all connected devices do so as well almost simultaneously. It's a housewide jukebox system!
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    Is your solution providing essentially the same result as two Airport Expresses hooked up through AirTunes streaming iTunes content from one central computer and controlling it through an iPHone?
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    The Multiple Computers selection in iTunes on my Mac mini media server will see the AppleTV and the AirPort Express both through AirTunes. Then Signal is running as an app (I think he's gonna turn it into a PrefPane in the next release) on the Mac mini. His app communicates to iTunes and has a built-in webserver to serve out the external connection to things like the iPhone and other computers. I'm very impressed by the responsiveness of the app but the true test will be at a party with people clicking away on multiple computers.

    I have always wanted to have one master jukebox for my whole house, controlled and viewed from multiple computers. I hardwired my house about ten years ago for that very reason (plus I work out of my house). While the app (or maybe it's AirTunes) isn't perfect, it's very close.

    Sidenote: One feature I'm really, really starting to like is the Rating feature. For example, while outside on the patio and a great song comes on from my playlist I can whip out my iPhone and give it a rating. It immediately sets itself on my iTunes library and displays back out to all the other computers. Instant rating tool.

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