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Apr 12, 2001

Keyboard maker lofree has launched a modified version of last year's popular crowdfunded Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, which we reviewed here on MacRumors back in March. With the original input device, lofree's designers attempted to re-imagine the typing process by recreating the experience of operating a traditional typewriter, but in an elegant retro-modern design.


The new lofree Four Seasons keyboard comes in four new colors including Spring (Vernal White), Summer (Aestival Blue), Autumn (Autumnal Gray), and Winter (Hibernal Black). Several design changes have also been implemented that may help the lofree appeal to a wider audience.

While appreciating the original lofree's aesthetic and Mac compatibility, we criticized it in our review for some odd layout quirks, such as the decision to line up the number key row so that 1 is slightly right of Q, 2 is right of W, and so on. Happily, the layout has been reconfigured on the second generation lofree to more closely match the keys on a typical Apple keyboard and respect the muscle memory of Mac-based touch typists.


In addition to the repositioned number keycaps, the backspace and caps lock keys have been made longer, while the dual mechanical Gateron switches under 'enter', 'shift', and the space bar have been replaced by a single mount, to provide a more comfortable, stable typing experience. Lofree says it has also optimized the sideboard buttons to further extend the lifetime of the Four Seasons version.

The new lofree Four Seasons retains the adjustable backlight and remains compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android. With a month to go, the lofree Indiegogo campaign has already raised $108,803, which is 1,088 percent over its original $10,000 goal. Early bird customers can purchase one for $140 plus shipping (currently expected in March). You can find more information over on the official campaign page.

Article Link: New Lofree 'Four Seasons' Bluetooth Keyboard Fixes Quirks of Original


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Apr 11, 2011
I'm… still blinking while forming even an internal reaction to that voiceover. It's like a new form of the thing where you use Google Translate twice in a row to see what happens.


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Mar 27, 2004
Eastern USA
Cute but not my style.

And one quibble: At 0:57, it’s “tactile,” not “tactical,” Mr. Voiceover Guy. <g>


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Aug 20, 2015
I'm… still blinking while forming even an internal reaction to that voiceover. It's like a new form of the thing where you use Google Translate twice in a row to see what happens.
Awkwardly translated English, but pronounced perfectly. Very dystopian.


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Dec 28, 2017
I need a keyboard to sit directly on top of my MacBook pros ****** keyboard. It might be tolerable then.


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Aug 27, 2014
Charleston, SC and Everett, WA
For all the naysayers here, I'd like to disagree with you...

...but I can't.

A few things I find in the video are disconcerting...
1. The reviews flash by too quickly.
2. Nobody is typing in the proper way, which is having your arms perpendicular to the keyboard, with your wrists slightly bent down. This will lead to fatigue.
3. Those keys don't look "spherical circular". They look "conical circular". Maybe "prolate spherical circular" (like a decapitated American Football). When you use buzzwords, make sure that you use the right ones.


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Dec 7, 2014
140$ EARLY BIRD - for this??? OH my Goodness.

But- my girlfriend would like this. Im glad she will never know of it’s existence.

Site seems to say $139 early bird is for a pair of two?

Save $138 (49%OFF) on two Four Seasons Keyboards (Retail price: $278).

Also, the original review lists these problems:
  • Some odd layout decisions
  • More fatiguing on fingers
  • Not great for touch typing
  • Noisy compared to Apple keyboards
The layout stuff (which bleeds into "not great for touch typing") is worrying, but also apparently partially fixed. I'm intrigued by this.


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Aug 20, 2015
  • Noisy compared to Apple keyboards

That's going to be the case for most mechanical keyboards, which generally make more sound than near-silent butterfly or scissor switches in Apple's keyboards. The one exception to this is silenced switches, which employ various methods to dampen the sounds the switches make.

Some people very much prefer the feel of tactile, mechanical switches. Google "mechanical keyboard" sometime and you can see the rabbithole goes very deep indeed.
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