New Mac backdoor using antiquated code

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Cox Orange, May 8, 2017.

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    I'd say yes, it does affect us :( 'ancient' system calls, pearl and java...
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    Is that a threat to every computer that has Handbrake installed, or only those who downloaded the app during the mentioned time range?

    Edit:// Actually going back to page 1 of the linked thread...
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    If we're talking Anti-Virus: ClamXV for PowerPC

    2.2.1 for Tiger and 2.5.1 for Leopard can be found here:

    Note that I make assumptions that virus definitions would be updated.
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    I didn't see this before, but in short: no, not fully.

    Quimitchin, aka Fruitfly, did include things like perl and Java that would work on PowerPC Macs (although I haven't verified that the particular scripts it uses will function properly on PowerPC). However, one component of the malware was a binary executable file compiled for Intel chips only, and no PowerPC code.

    For that matter, other than some of the malware written entirely in python, I don't think any of the malware that has appeared this year so far would function on a PowerPC Mac. Even the ones written in python would probably not function fully - if at all - on such an old system, as they're written with certain assumptions about the environment they're running in.

    If you're still running a PowerPC Mac, you're pretty safe simply because of the antiquity and rarity of such Macs. There will be no future malware designed to target such Macs, any more than there will be new malware to target the Apple II or the Commodore 64.

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