New Mac GPU for cMP, GTX 780 6GB, almost like a titan

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    And amazingly, basic OpenGl support all the way back in 10.8.5.

    Needs 10.9.3 Web Driver for OpenCl.

    Works in 10.10 but calls it a "GeForce Pre-Release Unknown OpenGL Engine"

    OpenCl works in 10.10.

    Without EFI it is frequently called "Nvidia Chip Model"

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    Ok, noobie question time. I'm upgrading my 2009 dual processor next month. Are these on the market yet?

    My interests are video production and flight simulation. I run Avid Media Composer, Adobe CS, Resolve, and on the flight side vram-intensive x-plane and add-ons. Is something like this my best bet, or some sort of dual gpu setup?

    Also on the power front, is thing fine as is? Or needing external supply?

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