New mac laptop - specific gaming


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Mar 25, 2020
Hi, all!
I'm looking for a replacement to my Late 2009 iMac.
My usage is pretty basic, mainly web browsing, emails etc.
However I'm a big fan of Company of Heroes game. I've played the original one on my (long gone) PC and with Bootcamp on my iMac (with poor performance given the ridicolous Nvidia 9400M).
Now I would like a laptop instead of a desktop computer so I can use it also when I'm away from home because of my job.
I would like to play the original (2006) Company of Heroes at high/ultra setting but also the newer (2013) Company of Heroes 2 at medium/high settings.
I've seen the new MBA 2020 and it has impressive performance given size and price. I think it should handle well CoH 1 even with iGPU (even at ultra?). Not sure about CoH2. Should I wait for new MBP?? (MBP 16in is out of budget) Can current MBP run CoH2 with iGPU?
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