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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Mantronix, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Hi everyone I'm a recent switcher and I just purchased my 1st 24" 2.4 GHZ iMac yesterday and I absolutely love the damn thing. I literally have been on it for 14 hours nonstop. Well just like any new mac owner I have several questions about my mac.

    1) Is there a better way for Leopard to show what programs are running in your dock? It's hard for to tell which one is running with the blue dot under the program. Maybe highlight the app or something in that fashion?

    2) Is there a "good" site that shows and explains basic mac tips? Key commands, shortcuts ect. I'm learning and finding out things by accident. I had to youtube on how to install software. :(

    3) How do I unzip .rar files? Can't seem to find a programs that does it.

    4) Can I use home and end keys to move my cursors to the beginning or end of a sentence like in Windows?

    5) I saved all my music files on several DvDs from my secondary hard drive on my Windows machine. I want to add the music files to my iTunes library on my iMac. How would I do this?

    6) Ugghhh... you can't copy and paste with the mouse or can you? I use the Logitech Laser mouse instead of the Mightymouse.
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    Download the free Stuffit Expander – that'll open up your .rar files and many more besides.

    I would have thought that the mouse software would allow you to assign keystrokes to certain buttons?
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    Feb 4, 2008
    If you just quickly want to glance at what apps are running, you can hold down the command key and tap Tab. You can also use this to switch applications.

    Under the Apple in the menu bar, select System Preferences. This is the equivalent of Control Panel. Select mouse and keyboard, select the mouse tab and set the right button to secondary button. Now you can right click and use cut and paste.
    You should also explore the rest of the System Preferences to see what other settings are available.

    The Apple support website has a pretty extensive list of keyboard shortcuts (and plenty of other information if you ever feel like exploring). You should be able to search for this in the knowledge base.

    If your music is stored as mp3 files, you can copy them (drag and drop) to you Music folder, or other location on your hard drive. Then add them to your iTunes library using the iTunes file menu.
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    That may confuse the issue by generating multiple copies if iTunes is set to automatically copy them to the iTunes folder on input. I would just choose 'add to library' in iTunes and browse to the contents of the DVD. This will copy them all into the system.
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    It is a wee annoying, isn't it? If you command-tab, all the active aps are displayed in the center of the screen, a la alt-tab in Windows. It's also a task switcher. has video tutorials. Start at the mothership. ;)

    What rar's are you trying to expand? If they're part of a package, then the install routine will do that for you. Stuffit will do that, though.

    Command-right arrow & command-left arrow.

    In iTunes, File>Import

    Highlight the desired text, right-click, and select Copy. Repeat and select Paste. Command-C and command-V do the same thing.
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    Mar 11, 2008
  7. raw metal macrumors newbie

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    #7 could try a program called docker google it should be easy to find and its free
    or if you want one ready made try
    2.there are loads of you tube video tutorials try searching something like leopard tutorials or if your looking for a program tutorial for eg quicksilver just type that in

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