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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Soura2112, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I have a Mac Pro ( 2005 G5), I have been waiting out buying a new one due to many reasons, one being a Blu ray player, but it looks like Apple is not going Blu Ray for awhile. Under the Buyers Guide it says "Don't buy - Updates soon" which is fine with me. What updates do you think the new Mac Pro will have? When the new one comes out I will most likely get it, even without Blu Ray (sadly, for I thought Apple would be on board by know, hence, the wait), but I will still have apple install both DVD drives, for I have needed an extra DVD drive for years. Then when external Blu Ray Drives come down in price I will buy one of those, assuming that can be done in full quality. But I would really like to know the updates, of course I know everything you may say is just speculation.

    Of course this leads to my other problem. I have a 20" display I have been using since I purchased the G5, and it's good, but of course it's not HD, and it looks like Apple is not producing any displays, which I find kind of strange. I have a Mac Book Pro, and I have thought about buying the 24" Mac book display (Though I would prefer if Apple came out with a affordable larger HD display). I am an Apple Geek, so connecting to a Samsung, Sony or other LCD would not be my first choice. I like the whole Apple set up, but I want the best for my money too. I do not have space for anything larger a 30" and I know I can get a non apple display much cheaper. So I hope there is news that Apple will continue to work on displays. I am a video editor, and I also mess around with photo editing, but video is my passion. Another new toy I am looking at is a new video camera, I am still working with mini tapes, with firewire connection (this is for another topic), but for anyone else who works with HD video, do you prefer Apple displays or another display brand? As much as I like all Apple, in the end I would buy what is best for video editing, and the slight work I do with pictures.

    All this waiting is basically based around what's best for HD video editing. Having a display for my laptop would be nice, especially for all the upgrades I have done to it, though its not a major selling point. From what I have told you about my G5 set up I am kind of stuck without HD until I upgrade some things, while waiting for a new Pro.
    I read a lot on the subject, but there is not much news or rumors on a new Mac Pro Desktop. If anyone has read, heard or has an opinion on what's going on I would love to hear it.

    Thanks for any opinions and your time.
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    Umm... your G5 may look like a Mac Pro, but it's not. it's a Power Mac.
    It remains a fine computer but is getting a bit out of date.

    Apple will probably never support full resolution Blu-Ray playback for Blu-Ray movies. Why? To qualify for the licensing, the computer has to go to extremes to prevent people from copying Blu-Ray protected content. This is not something Apple wants to do. You can of course play, read and record to un-"protected" Blu-Rays.

    Apple does indeed produce displays, though they probably won't work with your Powermac. Right now they only have two models, the 24" LED display with the mini-displayport interface (only) and the fantastic 30" Apple Cinema Display which is still one of the few SWOP certified (for color accuracy) monitors available.

    Apple bringing out an "Affordable" display? Not very likely.
    If you correctly compare Apple Displays to other high-end IPS displays they're well-priced, even a bargain in some cases.
    Apple prefers to not chase the bottom of a market so you're probably never going to see something that most people would call "Affordable".

    If you're a fellow video and photo editor (me too!), you're going to love ANY Mac Pro. Even the very first one, the 1.1 is still competitive.

    My advice would be to save up some money and get a Mac Pro and the 30" Apple Cinema Display (or whatever replaces it when you''re ready).
    I use the very similar 23" ACD with mine and love it for Video and Photo work. The 30" would be even better. (I stop by the Apple Store occasionally and want one a lot :eek: )

    They only recently came out with the Nehalem Mac Pros.
    Waiting for that "Next Major Upgrade" will result in you never buying a computer!

    Buy one when you're ready. Don't get all upset when the next major change comes out weeks or months later.... Odds are you'll never fully exploit the current models or even a previous generation MP.

    Have Fun,

    PS. You will find no shortage of people saying MP's and ACD's are overpriced and under-performing. They're not. For serious Video or Photo work they are hard to beat at any price.
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    Nov 6, 2009
    I have a similar question. I currently use an Acer display that I bought on the cheap because I thought it would be a good value. Turns out, you really do get what you pay for. I'm a freelance graphic designer and the color on this thing is just atrocious. The same color can look one shade on the bottom of the screen and a completely darker shade at the top of the screen. Not to mention, it's not even close to representing colors when the hard copy is printed out.

    I'm finally going to bite the bullet and spring for an ACD. I'm debating between the 24" LED ACD or an eBay 23" ACD. I really like the matte version that the 23" offers. But glare isn't a concern in my home office due to nice overhead indirect lighting. However, I have a uMBP so it has a mini DP out so it'll connect nicely to the LED ACD without a dongle. I also like the convenience that the combination of the MagSafe Connector and iSight offer on the LED ACD. The only hangup I have is the price. On any given day, I can score a used 23" by about $200 less than the 24"

    Has anyone worked with both displays in a similar field that can offer an objective suggestion?

    (Sorry to hijack this thread a little)

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