New Mac Pro Power light turning off while sleeping.

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by blueeggs, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I just noticed something strange with my nmp. Since updating to 10.10.4 after my nmp goes into sleep mode the light pulses like normal but after an extended period of time, a few hours the power light turns completely off. It wakes normally after I hit a button on the keyboard and the power light comes back on. Called applecare and the lady I spoke with said this is the first time she has personally heard of that issue. Just curious if anyone else has had the same issue. I also did an smc reset and its still there. No other issues with the mac. She suggested i bring it in to an apple store for diagnostics. I did a hardware test also and it passed. Thanks
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    Sounds a lot like hibernate mode. I wonder if Apple enabled hibernate by default in 10.10.4.

    I wouldn't know, I'm still on 10.10.3.
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    Hey, thanks for your reply. i checked in the terminal and found that hibernation was turned off but standby was on. So I disabled standby and now the light never turned off. Just went into sleep mode. You would think that the apple care tech support would have had me check that but oh well. I guess it was a change with the last update.
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    Mine does that. It is nothing to worry about. Mine pulsates for a while (Normally 3 hours) then turns off. Wakes without any problems My old Mac mini (late 2014) did the same thing. The good thing is when you wake it up the sights which show the ports also light up and fade. Kinda cool I think. (little things I guess!)

    anyway enjoy.

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