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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacForum55, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Mar 16, 2012
    I was just at my local apple store and I was chatting with an employee about what I thought about a future iTV and iMac and the future of the Mac Pro lineup and he was being very upfront with me which is very unusual.

    Well we get to talking and he was saying how he hopes something nice is in for the iMac, we move onto talking about the Mac Pro and the future of apple's support for pro users, he expressed his sentiments to the pro user base and his love of the Mac Pro and I'm talking to him about the joke of an update that apple did on it and he said to me, "yeah, well I can't wait to get my hands on the new redesign. It's so sleek and pretty." He didn't say it as if it was impending or coming very soon but he said it with a certitude that seemed apparent in his voice. I was very dumb and kinda shocked and didn't ask questions as he moved onto talking about the MBP - Retina than and Magsafe 2 which I regret.

    Now I'm not saying he has this information, in fact I kinda doubt he does as Apple notoriously plays it close to the chest with stuff like this. HOWEVER I think the recent "apple PR said new Mac Pros" "tim cook emailed me" Is actually part of apple deciding that the Mac Pro movement for some word on the lineup or the future of the computer is pretty fair and that it at least has one more iteration of the Mac Pro and it's letting its users know. To this tune I think they might have leaked this to employees they normally wouldn't because they want leaks. That is why I think they 'updated' (not really but they put the new banner and said they did) the Mac Pro, to show us the line was not dead, BUT when that didn't work and people took it as a slap in the face and a dying computer, than and only than did apple start doing controlled leaks on the Mac Pro.

    The employee I talked to seemed like he was over eager to tell me the information but he also genuinely seemed excited as he talked about the slimmer and prettier new enclosure.
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    Zero chance he knows anything, given the fact that it's not expected to be out until late next year.
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    Well I don't exactly think it's zero given that the debate over the future of the pro probably happened sometime around september last year, they probably have been working on a design since at least december and have some prototype idea of what they are going with.

    I'm not saying he knows details but he might know there is going to be a redesign and he might have been told as other employees might to tell people interested in purchasing Mac Pros or switching to PCs bc of a lack of pros that they will be coming as part of a controlled leak as apple is clearly doing with the NY Times and through some personal emails from Cook
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    That is encouraging. Thank you! :)

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