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Apr 17, 2005
Currently in Switzerland
Despite people's anger about the non-update to the Mac Pro line, it seems clear that Apple is on either of two tracks here:

- A stopgap update just to keep the lineup going until their major redesign is ready by early-2013. And by "major redesign" I mean the coming of the fabled xMac headless mini-tower with some three PCIe 3 slots, TB ports, USB 3 ports and a couple of drive bays. The main reasons for this? SJ's ideological hatred for mini-tower/expandable Macs is gone, as well as environmental factors that may push Apple to reduce volume, packaging and materials in the new xMac;

- Or something similar to what John Sculley said back in October 1990 about the Apple II line (and I DO have the original A+/InCider magazine with that infamous "open letter"): That "we value the Apple II family as an asset, which will continue to nourish", although "beyond that, I am not at liberty to disclose specific product plans." Needless to say, the Apple II line was killed shortly after that "open letter" and several "personal" Mac models (such as the LC) were launched (along with an Apple //e compatibility card). Longtime Apple fans like me may replace "Apple II family" with "Mac Pro" and get the gist...

So, is it the former or the latter? Probably the former, but in a way that will be TOTALLY different from the current Mac Pro line.

Welcome to xMac? ;)



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Jan 22, 2012
As I have said in another thread, a generic headless "xMac" is something that I don't associate with modern Apple.

If they offered a new desktop there would be something about it that would make it different to distinguish it from a generic Dell box. I do not think people would pay premium for an expensive mini-tower when there are endless others to choose from.


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May 19, 2012
Galatians 3:13-14
A stopgap update just to keep the lineup going until their major redesign is ready by early-2013.

I believe this is what is going on, though IMO it seems more reasonable that it's just a major refresh of the Mac Pro - one that apparently takes more time than they had before WWDC - rather than the replacement of the MP with the so-called xMac (although, if they did both the MP refresh AND the xMac that might be kinda cool). :)
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