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Discussion in 'iMac' started by dankobra, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Jul 18, 2011
    Good day,

    So i made the jump and have moved from windows to Mac. the main reason for this post is due to some swapping issues i am having though. ill give the story below in order to elaborate.

    I am the owner of a consulting firm located in Manitoba Canada, I have personally made the jump to a Mac in hopes to test it for a few months so I can determine if the company will benefit from the OS change.

    When we ran windows we had a very complex network set up that allowed all staff to work from home and have access to all files in the office as though they were "in the office" The network is also dual backed up ( one in Montreal and one in Vancouver) so whatever actions we make are also being mirrored in two other locations.

    the problem i am already having is that i can not access our servers with my home Mac. Being in the office is not a problem, i can plug the laptop in and it picks up the network with no issues, but once at home i have no access to the servers. I have spoken with the business advisory team with Apple and they have advised me that the network I am currently using is most likely not supported for a Apple based OS. If i have to change how our network is working i am ok with this, but what i really need to know is if there is actually a way to do this with Mac. Is there any way i can create a network on a Mac platform that will allow my staff to access all work files in the office from there own home? I have an IT member on staff that has been working with my computer for a few days with no luck, so i am leaning more towards the idea that we may have to change our network. I should note that if there is a system out there that can do what i need, it must also be secure. The servers we use now were selected for the hi security.

    The other issue i am having is with hardware add ons ( printers, scanners, etc...)

    All staff have there own scanners and printers along with other devices required in our industry. When we were using windows we could hide the cables under the tables and no one would really see the mess, but one of the highlight reasons we are trying Apple is the clean and simple use / look. Is there any way we can plug all these devices for each office into a main hub that works wireless or transforms 12 usb devices into 1 usb plug? Im sure you can all see what im talking about with respect to how cluttered our desks will look with 15 - 20 cables plugging up into our imacs.

    My final question is with the Time Capsule. I would like to leave my time capsule at home but back up m work compute to it from the office. Is this possible? i have not spoken with Apple about this, its more of an idea i had that would more or less bring comfort to my mind knowing i was saving precious work information to a location outside of the office that i knew was in a safe place.

    I appreciate any advice as i am a new mac user here. I understand there is an annoyance for re post questions so if this is a re post, please direct me in the right forum.

    Thanks again for any help.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Were you able to create a VPN connection from your Mac at home to the office?

    If so, try using the FQDN of the servers instead of just the server name. I have found that this helps resolve things, even though many VPN clients will take care of this for you, adding the FQDN never hurts. In fact, I make it a habit to use it even when I am plugged in locally.

    FQDN is servername.domain1.domain0.tld

    In a Windows network, it would often be servername.mycompany.local...

    that .local can sometimes cause trouble with OS X, because it uses .local in a special way that Windows is unaware of. You can google for that specific issue if it applies to you.

    USB is USB. Get a USB Hub - I have seen them with up to 16 ports. It's possible that you will have devices that have no drivers for the Mac. In that case, you might consider virtual machines or physical windows machines that you can access with Remote Desktop COnnection.

    You can probably find a way to access your Time Capsule remotely, but that's not really how it is intended to be used. Keep your valuable work information on your already backed up and redundant work network. Solve the connectivity problem and work from the network rather than bringing files locally to your Mac.
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    Jul 18, 2011
    i have forwarded your info onto my IT guy, ill see if he can work with that. i dont know enough to fully understand what you stated. lol.

    I appreciate the fast response though.

    Best Regards

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