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Jan 27, 2005
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Okay, I want to buy an apple laptop, I know that much, but I'm at a loss for what I actually need as opposed to what would be really cool.

I'm going to approach this by pointing out what I think I need/want the laptop for and what my knowledge level is:

1) I'm a college sudent, so simple word processing obviously

2) I'm a gamer, specifically I'd like to play World of Warcraft on the laptop when I'm away from my apartment, its teh first game of its type that I've played and I like it way to much)

3) I'm a Web Designer who uses Macromedia products to conceptualize designs and editpad to actually code.

I'm ruling out a 17" powerbook for cost and portability reasons, and I'm a little bit sceptical about the 12" ibook and powerbook models becuase I think the screen might be too small for games/design.

I can easily gauge how much power I need to put into a PC, and usually buy whatever the fastest parts are that I can afford. With a mac however I'm a little bit unsure, so I'm wondering where is the breaking point that says "buy a powerbook"?

And additionally I really don't like how secrative apple is about their product releases, so should I think about holding out until right after a new model/speedbump is released?

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
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If it weren't for the games, I would have said the 12". I have one and love it! Never found the screen to be too small till I got a Dell 2001FP for desktop use. But on the road, the 12" is perfect for me. I did DTP with the 12" for almost a year.


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Aug 1, 2001
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Always buy the fastest, baddest-assed machine you can afford. This goes double for Laptops. Because they're smaller, harder to work on and have less expandability than 90% of computers they get "old" quicker.

Therefore you should always get the fastest machine with the biggest HD and as much RAM as possible in the initial SODIMM.

This leaves the two hardest things to replace (HD and Processor) off your list of future concerns and leaves the user-accessable RAM slot open. If you can Max out the "bottom" RAM slot at the factory, all the better.

Don't buy Airport right away. put the money into RAM. Don't buy external peripherals right away, put the money in AppleCare. Don't buy Games right away, get a good hardcase.


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Jan 23, 2002
I would have to say, honestly go with the 12" powerbook, you won't regret it. Considering it is the same size as my 12" ibook, I would have to say the size is simply, perfect. Plus you will appreciate the 64mb fx5200 on the powerbook. Although, I would say wait at least one month before buying because apple is due to speedbump the current line up of powerbooks anytime now.

Ohh, and the 1.33ghz Powerbook might be great for you too, then again if your really looking for good gaming, the 1.5ghz powerbook with the 128mb Radeon would be perfect.

Ohh and if you are getting the powerbook, make sure you get AT LEAST 512mb RAM, and make sure you get the 5400rpm hard drive.
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