New Mac Version of GarageBand Crashing/Impressions?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by peglegjack, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I do have to say that the new GarageBand looks really awesome and I can't wait to figure out how everything works in the new version, but when I opened it last night it kept crashing over and over. Granted I'm running a 2007 iMac but Apple never said anything about incompatibility issues as long as you're running Mavericks.

    Has anyone tried the new GarageBand for Mavericks and if so have you experienced any crashing? Also it'd be cool to hear some impressions from other people about the software. Between this and free Mavericks yesterday I was pretty jazzed to say the least.
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    My experience

    I'm running it on a 2009 iMac Core i7 and finding it works well.

    I do find it's a nice upgrade in other ways though, more like Logic than the old Garageband.

    I do find the new Drummer AI a bit quiet - even in sessions recorded at a reasonable volume level.

    Here was an instrumental I replaced the beatbox track with the drummer AI and even though I made some efforts to get things reasonable without munging the levels of the processed guitars I had to completely max out the levels of the drummer AI versus the other tracks:

    Update; If you go to your Applications folder GarageBand 6.5 is still there. It's in a folder marked GarageBand 6.5. I have verified it works fine under Mavericks.

    It is worthwhile keeping the last version - I've read that the reason some softsynths and effects don't work and don't show up in the menu is that GarageBand 10 is 64-bit and thus your softsynth or plug-in must be rewritten for 64-bit. Happily, I now have both versions of GB installed.
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    GB10 is really cool, but I've found it is crashing with some Toontrack plugins, despite them being 64-bit. I've opened a ticket with them, and will be sending them a crash report this evening.

    Not sure who's end it's on, but they worked fine in 6.0.5.
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    I'm having issues with the audio region quantizing properly. It doesn't seem to work the same as the old one did. I want to play a region on my midi keyboard, then select the smallest rhythmic value that I played to quantize it to. Ideas?

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