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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by brendel95, May 17, 2009.

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    I plan to buy either MB or MBP after the WWDC in June. But today I found out that bookstore at my univ. is selling new unibody MB at $999 (way lower than education price) and lower end 15inch MBP at $1699 this week only. I know it is a good deal much better than education discount. Now, I am having hard time to decide whether to buy it now or wait(2weeks) and pay the regular education price for the whatever they offer.

    Please give me any advice what to do.

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    I'd say buy now and be happy. I can't see any major chances coming to the Macbook/Pro line until October at the latest. If they do something after WWDC, it will most likely be a speed bump and I wouldn't say it's going to be noticeable.
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    An apple store will allow you to return an unopened unit within 14 days of purchase for a 100% refund. If your university has the same policy, and if they have enough of these in stock, you could wait until the last week of May to buy one. If you can resist the urge to open the box and play with it, you'd be in a good position to see if they upgrade the model or not.

    Having that unopened box sitting in front of you for a week or two may be a bit much for most people, though.
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    #5 it and have a friend hide it in your place for "safe keeping"...:D
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    :apple:Buy it theres a good chance an update wont happen until fall besides if its that big you could always sell it and make or break even!
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    no updates for macs till Fall.
    (even in the remote chance that there were...they would be the type that you probably wouldnt you are getting a 999 unibody anyways.)

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