New Macbook air vs MBP i7

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    Jul 24, 2012
    Hi guys, i have been looking to buy an apple laptop as my sony vaio is giving me all the problems in the world. This will be my first apple laptop. I do own the iphone5 and will be buying ipad some time soon.
    now the problem is that i was hoping that apple would upgrade the macbook pro processor also in WWDC, which did not happen. Looking at macbook air the specs looks pretty awsome. so i am debating should i buy a macbook air or buy the older model macbook pro i7 or wait for apple to announce the newer processor for macbook pro.
    i can get an open box i7 from best buy for about $150 off plus another 100 off with student discount.
    with air i will atleast need 256 gbs.
    i use my laptop for regular use interenet browsing, movies and songs. once in a while i get into using photoshop and i would love to do video editing on my laptop also either using vegas pro or imovies (that would be once in a while).
    i have tried to find comparisons but failed so i would greatly appreciate if you guys help me out.

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    Since when does Best Buy offer a student discount? Apple's student discount is for buying from Apple.

    The problem with open box electronics at Best Buy (and most stores):
    • The original purchaser may have registered the software to them, so you need to deal with getting Apple to re-register the software to you.
    • You never know why the system was returned and what issues may be lurking.
    • I wouldn't trust anything installed on the system As you don't know what the previous buyer(s) did to it.You may have to get Apple to correct the purchase date of the computer for warranty purposes.
    All in all, I recommend you buy a new machine with the student discount from Apple or buy a refurbished system directly from Apple. I personally would not buy open box electronics from most stores.
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    Aug 5, 2010
    i5 vs i7 is meaningless in notebooks. If the Air isn't fast enough, you're after a 15" with a "QM" chip.

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