New Macbook - Best setup for external HD?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Borjan, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Borjan macrumors regular

    Sep 28, 2004
    I previously mentioned in the boards that I was going to purchase an old Mini to media serve and do the heavy storage, and get the new Macbook later. But I've scrapped that idea and just decided to use external HD's with the Macbook.. which I plan to purchase soon!

    Now, please don't let this thread become about Firewire. I know it would solve many problems, but the Macbook is the way it is..

    Anyway, heres the thing. I've seen some reports of USB 2.0 slowing down when more devices are added. With two ports in the Macbook available, one of them will be used up going to the Kensington 7 port Dome Hub, which seems to be getting good feedback from users. I will probably have a variety of devices attached, ie printer, ipod, flash drive, maybe 5 in total MAX.

    Now the other port on my Macbook will in theory be for the external HD. I'm looking at a dual enclosure and I already have the drives. My plan is to have one of the bays with a SATA1 250GB drive, to hold all my movies and TV shows (music will be stored in the HD of my Macbook) The second drive will be a smaller 160gb drive, that will be the Time Machine drive for my Macbook. This TM drive will obviously be the back up of my music as well. For the back up of my other media drive, I will have a second external HD that I will use with Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the media drive, and I'll plug the drive in once a week and back up then.

    So my question really is as follows. With all this going on, how is the real world performance going to be? I know not to be trying to do any heavy video editing over USB anyway, but I think I will be okay otherwise. Surely there is enough bandwidth left in the system that even if everything was going at once, watching movies (unless HD) from my external HD isn't going to lag?

    The only alternative I see to adding external HD's to the Macbook is to network. I've looked at NAS, but the only thing holding me back is the cost* of the enclosures, the fact that I quite like be hardwired to the internet, and I am not sure if I can connect the NAS directly via the ethernet to my Macbook... is this possible or does it have to attach to the router? I would prefer to directly connect it, because the router is not in a secure location in my house... and if I were to, I presume my HD read and write speeds will be as good as they can be!

    Sorry for the very long post!

    *I know, I'm splashing out on a Alu Macbook but can't afford a NAS... give me a break I'm not made of money! :eek:
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    Sep 28, 2004
    Sorry to double post, but my other question is that a lot of dual enclosures I see are marked JBOD..

    Is it possible to disable this feature? I want the drives to be recognised as two separate disks.

    Oh, and before anyone asks, I'm looking at a dual enclosure instead of two separate single one because I dislike having a lot of power cables running everywhere.. :cool:

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