New Macbook, can't delete things from my iphonr

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    Dec 22, 2007
    Just got a new MBP, switching from a 2009 MBP. On a Verizon iphone. I've synced it with the new MBP, but when I right click songs, I just get "play" or "get info" and when I right click podcasts no menu pops up at all. What am I doing wrong?
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    Click on your iPhone in iTunes. The first (default) tab at the bottom should be a checkbox that says "Manually manage music..." Check that box. Then you should be able to.
  3. rbf1138, Mar 21, 2011
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    That's telling me I'd need to erase and sync with the new library. I always manually managed on the old I need to de-sync it somehow with the old one to let it have me not erase on the new one? This is frustrating me!

    I'd really like to not lose all of my contacts/sms/etc.
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    ok.. so you are referring to songs that are now on your itunes..?

    I dont really get what you are saying but this is the basic idea.. if you want to move music from computer to computer.. you basically have to transfer the files over... mac A to mac B.. The itunes folder or the music folder up to you. If you want to keep everything the same.

    You cannot transfer music from iphone to itunes....unless you bought it from itunes....

    So now having said that:

    1. Is this an itunes issue or iphone issue? You are talking about music that appears on your itunes right? Nothing got to do with your iphone. Your mac syncs music TO your iphone any music thats in itunes, if you selected sync music entire library. And iphone only syncs music TO your mac that, for example you purchased on the phone via itunes for example.

    2. How did you transfer the music that now appears on your itunes in your new comp in the first place? That is your answer to your problem, it is not a phone issue.

    Unless of course all your music has been purchased from itunes and well you transfered the music from phone to mac in its entirety

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