New MacBook Keeps Crashing - Help please

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by M-5, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Jan 4, 2008
    Alright, this is my first Mac. I just bought it about a week ago. It's a Black MacBook and it's been running fine. I installed a slipstreamed SP1a to SP2 Windows XP disc and ran it on the 30 day VMware trial version.

    Sometimes when I would be running windows, I would hear a slight clicking noise coming from the computer. I'm not sure if it was the hard drive, but it was faint. I'm not even sure if windows was the problem. However, Windows crashed on me 2 times.

    Today I was using Photobooth with some friends and it was running pretty slow (1GB RAM). We used several effects and took several pictures but sometimes when I would press the button to take another one, the last picture would stay frozen on the screen. So I just closed photobooth and tried again.

    Then my computer restarted while on photobooth and my friend suggested it could be because of Windows, but I wasn't even running windows. So I just erased the partition.

    I had just installed it so I didn't have any programs or anything important on it.

    So then right now I was using the computer again and I was checking photobooth to see if it would run without any problems now that windows was uninstalled and the partition was gone. I was going through the pictures of earlier today and it was running fine. Then it froze again. This is how it is now. I'm unable to click anything, and it was the same way when I had to reboot earlier.

    So does anyone have a solution or suggestions? Should I return it?
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    Mar 23, 2005
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    Dec 7, 2007
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    Mar 24, 2006
    Yeah make the call. It could be a simple hard drive failure since you said you heard noises and saw freezes. Apple
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    i bought a sr blackbook two weeks ago in amazon. It has been working well but yesterday i would hear a slightly click noise. Apple hardware tests didn't report any problem. After reading what happened to M5 do you think it will happen to my mac? Is there any hard disk test prog i could run to check it out?
    Thanks in advance
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a hardware problem.

    I would back up data, put MacBook back in original box with all accessories, bring it to the store for an exchange.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    What happened when you took it back? The exact same things just happened to me.
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    Jan 4, 2008
    I took it back to the Best Buy where I bought it and described the problem. They opened it up and just checked it. They gave me a new one on the spot. It was less than two weeks from when I had purchased it, so if it's longer in your situation they might send it in for repair.

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