new macbook pro 13 ... misc thoughts and backup questions

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by johnhurley, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Aug 29, 2011
    After 30 years of wanting an Apple computer I just bought a 13 in base macbook pro. Some people take a lot of time to make a good decision eh?

    The display works pretty dang good for someone with old eyes ( although often will be combined with an external lcd ). Machine is fast and nice looking.

    Machine just bought at apple store and is running 10.7 and often will be vpn'd into work. It is possible to use the built in vpn software to connect into cisco environment.

    I just purchased the 2 apple apps for documents and presentations and tried looking at a couple of recent word doc and powerpoints. Much of my work will still be done using office but first pass at checking stuff in the apple apps looks promising.

    I am going to try to keep the apple environment relatively pure and try to stay away from using office in that boot ( will see how strong my resolve is eventually ).

    I am setting up boot camp and have installed windows and all sorts of stuff over there already and getting familiar with how the boot options work. Not trying to start anything here ... the macbook pro runs windows really nice with all the drivers provided etc.

    Here are several questions apologize they have been probably answered so many times here. A quick reference to a good discussion in the forum already would be a great answer.

    1) How do you get into bios setup menu when booting macbook pro? ( I already found the option key works to get menu of which os to boot in ).

    2) How do you know if you are running 32/64 bit in lion or not?

    3) What are the best choices to backup your entire hard drive to get a restoreable system?

    I realize the apple time machine just apparently ignores bootcamp partition.

    Can you use inside windows the windows 7 system image utility to get something that also includes all the partitions etc needed for mac?

    It seems kind of ugly if you have to backup the apple stuff one way and windows stuff another way but ... just trying to understand how most people deal with it.

    If the windows backup system image utility does not do it do people use 3rd party products like recent Norton Ghost or other stuff?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Feb 19, 2011
    See the red :p


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