New MacBook Pro 15" or Wait?

Should I get the display replaced or get the whole unit replaced?

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Jan 6, 2013
Hi. After having my 2015 MacBook Pro for little over a year. It's developed a few issues. Such as the keyboard coming in contact with the screen. And causing damage to the screen. As this is the second time this is happening. Even though, it's got a new bottom casing and display. It still has happened again. With this, I need to get it inspected by Apple. But there's a chance. Which I think is very likely that they're gonna give me a 2016 MacBook Pro retina with touch bar.

The thing is the I find no use for the touch bar and prefer the ports. But at the same time. It would be nice Since it's really compact as I always carry it in my backpack. But should I just get the display changed and wait till something else happens later on and ask for the upgrade later? Still have warranty for another two years thanks to Applecare

What do you guys think?

Thanks. Haha haven't been on here in a while


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Nov 17, 2016
Depends entirely on your personal preferences. There are a lot of improvements in the newer model, but only you know if they matter to you.
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