New MacBook Pro 'problems and concerns'

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by joshallegro, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. joshallegro macrumors newbie

    Oct 19, 2008
    First and foremost, I hate bitching about Apple because I think it is an amazingly innovative company and we are all better off for their existence and imagination.

    That said, I bought a New MacBook Pro... I took it back the next day!

    It crashed a couple of times, (nothing like I have seen before) which made me uneasy. I want a machine I can work on solidly for the next 3 years and put through its paces without trouble.

    (for a detailed explanation of the crashes I experienced which I actually filmed on my digital camera, search my previous threads)

    The mouse click is terribly noisy and just wasn't as responsive as my old PowerBook.
    And when i say not responsive I also mean, did not do the things my fingers told it and the track pad to do in conjunction!

    The level of noise that track pad button emits is just not tolerable of any relatively quiet environments such as a library or an airplane and I fear my ears might never get used to it and I will have to start using a mouse.
    (double track pad tapping is not my thing)
    I do think this last point is a compromise on Apples behalf.

    Wasn't too keen on all the connections on one side, again this is personal but one forum member made a good point; if you want anything on your right side (right handed mouse users, external hard drive etc) it will have to stretch round the back of the screen. A neat design but... convenient?

    The screen falls shut when held perpendicular to the ground: I never really use my laptop in bed, but if I decide to it will have to be flat on my lap or the mattress.
    Again this seems to be a compromise. I wouldn't think a company like Apple would have oversights but then again...!

    I have wondered whether the current global financial crisis might have had any impact on the production and release of this new product?
    If anyone has an opinion I would love to hear it.

    I was upset that the process wasn't as simple as - buy and enjoy!

    Someone also commented that this MBP will not be a classic like the last one and that in their opinion Apple will not manufacture it for the same length of time as the old MBP got.
    I would be upset if problems persisted, the consumer spoke, and Apple responded with a new product sooner than expected. This is obviously only speculative.

    I am trying to figure out what to do - buy an early 2008 old MBP or wait for the Rev B batch. Will they iron out actually problems on the Rev B or just make it a faster machine etc (which they should have done in the first place!)

    Anyway, I am on here in the mean time seeing who agrees with me and who does not.

    There, I bitched. Do I feel better... no really! My new MBP still had to go back to the shop and I have to spend time now assessing my Laptop situation.

    I am aware I have just given you nearly all the reasons not to buy a New MacBook Pro, but this is just because we take all its good points for granted because we are humans and that is what we tend to do.


  2. allmIne macrumors 6502a


    Sep 17, 2008
    United Kingdom
    The click is too noisy? Seriously?

    Anyway, why would you be upset if they redesigned quickly? Presumably only because a few people would know you didn't have the latest? Who cares ;)

    They won't, by the way. They've just worked out how to machine this one, they're not gonna design another.
  3. NATO macrumors 68000


    Feb 14, 2005
    Northern Ireland
    You talk of 'compromise' as if its something that can be avoided. Engineering is inevitably a mix of compromises in order to end up with a product which meets various functional, physical and other such requirements whilst keeping cost at a sensible level.

    Personally while I do understand your own concerns, I don't have any problem with them myself. Each to their own I guess :)
  4. Crash1234 macrumors regular

    Oct 22, 2008
    I'm willing to bet the new unibody process is far more stable and sturdy than the previous version so i doubt they are going to redesign again anytime soon. That being said, I've had my fair share of problems with the construction (mostly the warped lid issue which I find unacceptable but which seems to have been an issue with all past mac laptops) I'm hoping that soon they'll iron out some issues with the screen hinge. I too am disturbed by the fact that the hinge isnt strong enough to hold the book open when tilted. It should be. So I'm sure that's something they'll fix. After returning three mbp's i've decided to wait a months to try to buy again.

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