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    Jun 27, 2014
    Hey guys. I recently bought a brand new macbook pro around a week before OS X Yosemite was announced. My macbook was as fast as lightning when I first got it and it's boot time was timed at an average of 6 seconds. Now ever since I got the Yosemite beta my boot times have dropped to 16 seconds. Also opening any application takes a long time. There is also huge lag whenever I open more than one application. I was wondering if this is a bug with yosemite or if speeds will stay like this.
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    Its because its a Developer preview not even a beta, its not meant to be used on main machines or even for regular use. Its made just so developers can design for the new system.
    My guess is you're not a developer and you got your hands on a copy (no judgment) Its months away from a real release so it will be fine when that happens. I would say go back to mavericks till its release because it is still very buggy
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    Jun 27, 2014
    Thanks for your honest reply. I am actually a developer(an iOS one). But thanks for telling me it's not in a real beta. How can I go back to mavericks as my last iCloud backup is a Yosemite one. I deleted all other backups. Is there any way to go back without losing any data.
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    You know, people will say "oh here we go again, the beta spiel". But I just don't get people who install beta OS on their machines and then do nothing but complain about betas, and for some reason, they get irrationally angry like they should deserve better.

    Yes, the beta is slow on my new rMBP too. I don't complain because I know I have willingly installed a beta OS on my machine. Instead, I have filed many radars so these issues get fixed.

    Please do the same, I talked to an Apple engineer and he said that they appreciate any radars filed, even if they will be tagged as duplicates. And they reply fairly quickly to the bug reports too, I find that if I file a bug, it's triaged pretty much the next day.
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    You needed to have a local backup to go to (i.e. time machine or a Carbon Copy Clone) otherwise you'll have to back your stuff up to a drive then do a fresh install of mavericks. It suck I know but these previews are pretty strait forward in their descriptions not to install as a main drive and always have a backup first. Sorry if thats bad news to you.


    Thats how it is now though with torrents of DPs available as soon as someone gets it. I think its going to get worse with the "public beta" with complaints and "this is horrible, Mac is crap now, its broken..." but with words like "Beta" being thrown around (games give out demos under the "beta" name) People don't understand and the way beta is used as promotion I can see why they dont.

    Ive gotten to the point where either I ignore the post and move on or like in this case I thought I would offer the guidance thats on 10,000 other threads. In the end it sucks when you mess up and try something you shouldn't have but now this person is going to tell their friends don't bother with the DP or betas because it caused them time and effort.
    Win the battles because you'll never win the war I guess.
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    Aug 21, 2014
    Sometimes, your Mac's SMC can get all screwed up when you install a new OS X version, particularly a beta one. I would recommend that you reset your MacBook Pro's SMC. Instructions available at a number of web sources, like this one here.

    MacBook Pro Running Slow? Here's How to Fix It! - MachMachines

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    Honestly, the above two statements are jarringly in conflict. I am not a developer but know intuitively that since it is a beta, it may be unsatisfactory in performance, and I may decide to revert. Therefore deleting all previous backups made during my Maverick period is out of the question.

    You will have to hope Migration Assistant can restore your content to Maverick using whatever backups you have available. Note that going back to older iTunes 12 without have saved an iTunes 12 library file will prove a nightmare.
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    Aug 22, 2014
  9. ABC5S, Aug 23, 2014
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    Just to give my experience....

    MacMini 2011 with 5400 rpm Hdd, Yosemite 2, boot up 54 seconds. Shut down is 9 seconds

    MacBook Pro retina mid 2014 128GB SSD, boot up 12/14 seconds average, shut down is now 28/31 seconds.

    Interesting. PB 2 is however, much better than PB 1 for my computer use and programs

    Edit: Shut down/reboot timing update
    On MacBook Pro retina, the shut down is now 4 seconds, and cold boot up is 12/13 seconds

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