New Macbook & WD My Passport EHD

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bonaventure, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Oct 17, 2015
    So I'm not sure whether this is actually a 'feature' of the new Macbook, or whether there's something defenctive in either my EHD, the 3-way adapter, or the new macbook.

    I've tried connecting my 1TB WD My Passport to the external adapter but the macbook won't recognize it anywhere. The EHD works perfectly on anything else I connect it to. I've attached USB sticks to the macbook and it confirms that the port does work and will recognize USB peripherals. I've also connected just the EHD to the adapter and the adapter into the macbook in any number of combinations / order.

    I was told by WD that the power output through the adapter may be insufficient for the EHD, is this true? The light on my EHD goes on and appears to be running just fine. If so, is there any way to rectify this to be able to use EHDs? It seems like a pretty gross oversight to make all prior EHDs/peripherals unconnectable through low powered ports, and just another disappointment with my new macbook. Apple is becoming more Microsoft-like day by day.

    Thanks :)
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    Unless that USB-C to USB adapter is defective, I doubt the power output is the culprit here. The new USB-C port specification lists 100Watts (that's Watts not mW) as available port power, so my first step would be to exchange that MultiPort adapter and see if that will solve your problem.

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