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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by AlphaTeam, Aug 30, 2008.

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    My brother wants to buy a Macbook for his daughter. I'm not up on the latest Mac news. And I know knowone KNOWS until it is released, but what are the odds of a new Macbook coming any time soon? How long has the current model been on the market? About how long does a particular model stay on the market?

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    Welcome to the board!

    You can have a look here at the Buyer's Guide that will give you some useful info on cycle times

    You can also do a search here: MRoogle
    You will find a lot of threads on this topic that will give you lots of info

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    latest rumors are some time in september, rumors also say its going to be a big update with a case redesign so if he can hold off tell him to do so.

    but these are only rumors nobody but the people behind the walls at apple know exactly what's coming.
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    on the top of the page there is a forums tab. two tabs over there's a buyers guide tab. you, being a buyer, should click on this link for a guide of what's happening on the market. :)
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    OK so back to my question now there was no new Macbook info today.
    He would like to get the free iPod Touch with the Macbook, but with no news today that doesn't look like it will happen before the 15th. Does Apple need an event like this to release a new Macbook? Or will it be someday sometime "Oh surprise the new Macbooks are out?" If that is the case can he buy a Macbook now (and not open it), get the ipod and if a new one does come out in the window of their return policy (30 days?) exchange it for the new one? Or is that something they don't fall for and I'm being a jerk for suggesting it?

    Also, this is going to be for a girl going to college NEXT year. She just uses it for web, e-mail, papers that sort of thing. Will a new Macbook be THAT major of a deal for someone who isn't a power user? Another thing, do they do this buy a Macbook get an ipod promo regularly? They can wait till next summer really, but just would like to get the most for their money.

    Thanks for reading all these questions about a non-mac geek. I know you guys here are the most knowledgeable around and helpful. So thanks for your time.
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    If you return it the rebate is no good and you just bought yourself the ipod touch. Yes, they know the little game people play.

    They run this promo every year for the back to school thing. Sometimes it changes, but you always get something free.

    The current Macbook is more than enough for that girls needs. Way more than enough. If that is all she does, then maybe a 500 PC laptop would be better and a lot cheaper.
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    Thanks for your info. I suggested a cheaper laptop because you are right I'm sure she won't tap the power of the Macbook. But Consumer Reports said that a new college student NEEDS a Macbook and my brother will hear nothing else. So I was just trying to let him get the most for his money.

    You guys are really great here thanks.
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    You could also look at a refurbished Macbook from the Apple Store if you want to save a few $$$.
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