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Jan 16, 2017
Was going to buy a magic mouse 2 then I remembered the patent that had something to do with "Force Touch"

Do you think we will see it next month?

I do hope the charger is usb c and isn't on the bottom.


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Feb 9, 2017
im using the Trackpad 2 for some time now and its just awesome, worth every penny. :)
you can adjust the force for clicking and the force it "clicks" back to you.
you can click everywhere with the same resistance and its bigger.
then you have pressure sensitivity and force click which is very useful as well.
i do not use it wirelessly because i have dropouts then, actually thats the killer feature, having a wired trackpad.
all in all a perfect product in my opinion Apple just nailed it hands down. :apple:

my magic mouse 1 has the same dropout issues....
i really want a magic mouse 2 as well, but some genius decided to not allow a wired connection placing the cable at the bottom.I think most people would end up using it just wired all the time and that would not look "good", because its more important how it looks than working how its supposed to, right? :mad: this is just hilarious
since MM2 uses same 2,4 Ghz band im sure i gonna have the same dropout issues.
this drives me crazy because there is no third party wired multitouch alternative.
i just love the magic mouse shape and kinda need touch functions.

i really wish they release a new magic mouse with force click and the ability to use it wired.
i don't have any hopes that this gonna happen.

looking forward to the touchbar keyboard for $ 350 :D


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Jan 23, 2017
I would wait, personally. Hopefully Apple will figure out a way to deal with all of the 2.4 GHz clutter. Especially now since many people are going to be using wireless connections to their wifi router, camera, phone, keyboard, mouse, and earpods (often simultaneously), this problem isn't going to go away on its own, and the functionality of the Magic Mouse could be improved with one or multiple design changes that seem at least possible to show up in the next iteration...
i really wish they release a new magic mouse with force click and the ability to use it wired.
i don't have any hopes that this gonna happen.

Agreed. With as much as Apple hates wired connections, the ability to use the Magic Mouse in wired mode seems as likely as the next MBP having a touchscreen. But hopefully Apple does do something to improve the flexibility of the connection (such as adding a 5GHz option, which would probably require a USB-A or USB-C transmitter, but that beats the alternative of dealing with dropout if the standard Bluetooth connection is running into issues.)
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