New MBP 15" owner, confused about battery stats...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by technopimp, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I am new here having just bought my first Mac ever a week ago (mid-2009 15" Unibody, 2.66GHz). So far, I have been very pleased with it, especially with the battery least at first. The day I got it, I plugged it in and began playing around with it. When I left work for the day, it was fully charged, and over the next day and a half, I used it without having it plugged in (as I read at Apple's site how you're supposed to condition the battery). I got a ton of run time out of it, and was very pleased. I let it run down, left it off, charged fully, etc. Since then, I've used it quite extensively, both on and off the charger. I did notice that since the first day, my run time on the battery does not "feel" as long (granted, I have probably been using it more, Wi-Fi, etc., but that doesn't stop the intangible feeling that it's just not running as long). I found this place and discovered the coconutBattery application, so I downloaded and ran it. Over the weekend (showing 4 battery cycles) it was reading at 6350 mAh/6500. I thought that was quite a hit for only 4 cycles, so I decided to fully drain and recondition just to get it back to 100%. I did that today, and just ran coconutBattery, it's showing 5 cycles and 5939 mAh/6500 (91%). If this is accurate, after about 55 cycles, the battery will be completely dead. Is this right? Am I doing something wrong? Sorry if I'm being daft, but I just don't see how 5 cycles could kill 10% of its life already.
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    get a program called insomniax that allows you to disable sleep mode. then when u get down to about 5% battery, enable the insomniax, and close out all your open applications, files, turn off wifi, BT etc etc. you can also turn the lcd off (ctrl-shift-eject) or just turn the brightness all the way down, and the keyboard backlight off. now just let it die completely and it will do a hard shutdown. as long as nothing is running at the time this should be (relatively) safe. now let it stay off for a few hours and try turning it back on without plugging it in. if it turns back on (mine did the first time and ran for about 20 minutes), then let it die again. if it doesnt turn back on, then plug it in, start using it, and let it charge all the way. see if this helps your capacity to come back up. mine came from 6000 back to 6400 after doing this twice. im continuing to monitor
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    Cool, thanks so much for the info...will give it a try!

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