New MBP 3rd party drive problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Austin03, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Austin03 macrumors newbie

    Nov 22, 2008
    I want to share my experience and confirm, what I'll call a "known issue" that Apple will not confirm or acknowledge.
    I was, what I was told 1 in 10 new MBP that have hardware problems with 3rd party upgrade issues.

    The symtoms of my issues were. Long boot up times, between 5-10 min.
    After boot, everything ran slow and sluggish. one click took 30 seconds to do anything. Stuff you love to see your new $2500 computer do.

    I researched this new purchase for months before. I was on the fence of not giving apple a extra $1500 for a newly redesigned MBP or the previous MBP. Both are basically identical in processing power. the previous model also gave me a choice for this Glossy dislplay. Thanks for thinking of your core designers and media professionals apple.

    My first call to apple was to ask which manufactures provided the HD in the new MBP. I wanted to make sure I purchased a drive that matched the apple specs. Apple refused to give me any information. Thanks for keeping your customers informed.

    I figured out that Apple is using Hitachi and Segate drives. I purchused the
    Seagate Momentus 7200 drive. I bit the bullit and decided to let my vanity
    convince me that I needed the new machine.
    Without booting the new machine I swapped the drive out. Installed the OSX 10.5.5 from the install disks.

    Right off the bat I had problems booting from the new internal drive. (it could not see a OS) Basiclly the only way I was able to get the internal drive to boot was to remove the drive and install the OS onto the new drive as it was running in a external case. After the install. I could boot the new drive from the external case with no problems. It ran perfect when the new drive ran externally. Cool. I place the new drive back into the laptop.
    Once the drive was back in. Boot time was 2min. Then things ran sluggish.
    reboot. Back to 5-10min boot up times and everthing ran Bad. Place the same drive back into the external case Boot, runs perfect.
    Long story short. A Apple certified tech told me that the drive maybe dying.
    Highly unlikely, but symptoms match a dying drive.

    Second identical Drive comes. I install it internally in the MBP, clone the OS. SAME PROBLEM!! And guess What. take the same new drive put it in the external case, Runs perfect. Two drives that do not work only when installed inside the MBP. This is a apple problem.

    My first support call to Apple. Two hours on the phone. Did nothing I had not already done. I had to stop the conversation to go back to work cause who has 4 hours in the middle of the day to chat to support. I call back later to continue because I was told that there were a couple of things left to try. I was told upon returning to tech support that everything had been tried and that they were no longer going to help me. They refused to continue my previous session. They also told me that the drive was faulty and that because it was a 3rd party drive they will not offer any other support. They also told me that the Segate Momentus was not certified by apple to work with this machine. My response was "really are you joking"
    They told me to call Segate and confirm that the drive is certified. At this point my feet hurt because I'm getting the run around.
    I'm a verrrryyy patient person. I call Seagate. I feel like a idiot when I ask.
    But the response was "its a hard drive why would it not be qualified to work"

    I call the the best online mac upgrade sales store in the world, who i purchased the drives from. And ask if they have heard anything regarding my issues. They tell me that the problem I am having is a KNOWN ISSUE to Apple. He told me that 1 in 10 new MBP are experiencing this problem. He also mentioned the some new MBP are also having Ram issues too.
    It is a hardware issue that is not working with some 3rd party drives.

    Went to the local retail store. I went to return the whole dam computer. Before I asked they offered to give me a new machine. Now, I can get this new machine and have the same exact problem. I took my chances and swapped it. Ran straight to a Apple certified Tech to place my segate into the new machine. He swapped it, it booted withing a minute and it runs perfect now.

    APPLE KNOWS ABOUT THIS PROBLEM. They obviously blew me off over the phone. They obviously If you are having the same problems go get a new machine. Do not let Apple intimidate you with their bully Bush-Cheney tactics. I can go one for quite some time about how apple sucks but for now the only way to get over it is to makes sure that we do not back down and stay informed.

    I wrote this because it is part therapeutic for me. But also I was unable find helpful info about this issue. I hope this helps and good luck.
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    Dec 10, 2006
    Did you ever try the original stock drive? It could just be there was an issue with the computer itself and not the hard drives :rolleyes:
  3. Austin03 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 22, 2008
    stock drive

    I did, as you might guess it worked fine. It was the computer itself. I was just in shock that Apple was brushing me off with this problem. Even if they did not know about this problem, you think they might show some interest in helping solve the issue and not so quick to refuse support and pass the blame.
    I wish I knew the specifics of the problem. But it seemed that there are some bad machines being put out into circulation. If I recall the first round of the old MBP had some DOA issues and lots of returns.
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