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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by VespR, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    Just curious about the battery life on my new MBP (2.4ghz). I think it sucks..

    Right, that out the way I'll explain why. When I got the machine, and did my full charge etc it was showing as around 5hrs, but would jump around depending on what I do. I never bothered calibrating it because I had a new 320Gb 7200 scorpio drive on the way and 4gb of ram. It was until I installed those items, fresh OS X, moved a time machine back up that I began the calibration. Now after a full charge I've yet to see it go over two hours. And this is on half brightness and just browsing the internet reading some pages. It will literally burn through 30% of the life just doing that inside half an hour.

    Now is it just me or does that sound pretty bad? I'm wondering if I've got a duff battery here and I should take it to an Apple store and demonstrate it. Or should I just recalibrate it and hope for the best? In all honesty I do really use it without the power supply, but it's not the point. It feels like I'm being shorted..
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    Does sound woefully short.. I'd calibrate it and test it afterwords by just internet and maybe word processing (as Apple specifies) and see what happens. You may want to reset the PMC or whatever they're calling it these days. If it still comes up short, pop in the old HDD and try again.

    I'm getting about 4 hours avg. with mine (stock config. + 4G RAM.)

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