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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thatoneguy82, May 11, 2010.

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    So I finally bit the bullet on a new i7 15" MBP today to replace my dying 3.5 year old MB. I want to transfer my music and pictures from MB and also preserve my playlists and photo albums. I currently have a TimeCapsule as well. My current MB is "faulty" so I don't really want to copy over the drive per se, just the music/pictures. What's the easiest that I can do this? Sorry, I've never done this before and in the past I've just used an external HD and copied over the music/pic files but I lost the playlist/albums. It's over 3 years of work to redo, so to speak, and I want to see if there was an easier way to do this.

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    U need a FireWire that connects ur old mb to the new ones, since they changed the design, once u got them both connected, restart the mb holding down the "T" key and ur mb hard drive should show up on the mbp. Just open it up and start dragging what u want
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    Use the Migration assistant in Applications>Utilities>Migration assistant. It will let you choice the Option of a Network transfer or use a Time machine driver. If you have your drive set to back up everything... well every last setting you can think of will be transferred. Basically its like moving your whole HD to a new one without rewriting system files.

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