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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AlexESP, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I'm on my second year of engineering. I currently have a 2013 MacBook Air, with 128GB, and I can't continue with that disk space (I need Windows i.e. to use Inventor, that uses 25gb, and I can't use boot camp because I need 50, so I survive with VirtualBox). I'm satisfied about the speed, although sometimes it could be faster (Final Cut Pro X, Autodesk Fusion 360...). So I was waiting for the new MBP. I think I could get the 13" 512GB with touch bar, but what really keeps me thinking about it is the integrated graphics. I haven't had a bad experience with the MBA (I never play games on it), but it may be bad at rendering and all that with more complex work (Until now, I only used 360, that renders on the cloud, but now I have to use Inventor). About the processor, I think dual core 2,9 Ghz is enough for me. I could also get the entry level 15inch, but with all the problems I've had with 128gb, it may be risky to only double it using 100 gb or so for Windows. So my highest concern is the integrated graphics for that kind of modeling/video-editing apps. Thanks!
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    What are the minimum spec requirements for Inventor?
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    It says 8gb RAM, 2Ghz Intel/AMD, 100GB free space and Direct3D 10 capable graphics, although most people in class don't have 8GB (I run it on VirtualBox with 2GB RAM and 36GB of disk space) and it runs reasonably well.
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    4th year mech eng student here. I bought a second-hand gaming PC from a graduating student last year and oh my, the performance improvement was drastic.

    I was using Inventor/SoldWorks/MasterCAM on my 15" rMBP but can never see myself doing that again...
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