New MBP have same new fast SSD as MBA?


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Nov 20, 2009
In the keynote when Phil talked about the new Air, he stated that it has a new SSD model that is "up to twice as fast".

I am thinking of buying a non-retina MBP with 128gb SSD. Does anyone know if it will have the same new SSD model? Or if they for whatever reason stick their old one in. Have people got their non-retina MBP with SSD yet an could check for me?

I'm just wondering because he didn't explicitly mention the faster SSD when he talked about the MBP.



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Jan 6, 2002
The non-retina MBP's still use a standard SATAIII connector (though I'm not sure if it's a SATAIII or SATAII drive installed). No change from the previous generation, hence no mention. They don't use the same blade-style SSD's from the MBA and the RMBP.



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Jun 5, 2012
According to iFixit the MBA's are using Sandforce drives now, but the RMBP uses Samsung. Then again, those can be slightly different depending on the parts lottery.


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Sep 27, 2010
this is a very important point...

don't assume that the custom ssd upgrades for a mbp will be the same, faster hardware seen in the new airs and retina mbp.

i did the online chat with an apple rep earlier (as if they know anything!), and they could not confirm the ssd speed for mbp storage upgrades is faster than it has been previously.

we just kinda assume that they would be faster... but there is no mention of it anywhere. i know that i want to find out before i would commit to buying a 15 mbp with upgraded ssd.

this is the kind of upgrade that gets no mention and has no special event. apple just casually switches to something faster at some unknown junction.


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Feb 15, 2007
At Apple store at Valley Fair. A genius there who traveled from NC for work was also checking out the retina machine. He told me the new non-retina MBP SSD is just as fast (400mbs) as Retina
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