New MBP, New I'm TOTALLY lost!!! (iTunes query)

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by akdj, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Hi All

    Usually I can figure this out...but I'm lost and I don't want to screw this up. I've been using a couple different MBPs during the time I've owned my iPhones and iPads...however, I've never switched both at the same time.

    I just recently bought the new 2011 MBP, 17"...and last week, I got the iPad2. Trying to figure out how to link my iPhones (wife and I's) and iPad2s (wife and I's) to the computer.

    We both have the original iPads. We both have our own iPhones...BUT, here's the kicker:) We use the SAME account for App/music/iTunes store purchases. So, for now I'll keep ours she has her own MBP, so we can sync hers there and mine on the new one. But I'm totally lost at this point. I still have my 2010 MBP that I have been using to sync my iPhone and original iPad. But I'm going to sell it on CL as soon as I figure out how to do this.

    Anyone ever done this before? I did restore my iPad2 from the old MBP, so it's good to I need to figure out how to match up everything on my new MBP for the iPad and iPhone so I can sell the older MBP. that I read this, it does sound a bit discombobulated:) Let me know if you've got any ideas or point me in the direction of least resistance. I know I'm overthinking this! I've been using iPods since day one....and never run in to this wall...and it's not the music/video that's of's the Apps!!!! LOL


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    Mar 13, 2009
    Log into the account that you use for iTunes purchases on the new MacBook Pro, and copy your files over. You're using one account, so it's that simple. Just log in, transfer your stuff, and you're set. You can sync all the iDevices without issue, and have your account on the new MBP.

    Even better, if you used Time Capsule to set up the new MBP from the old one, you're probably already set.

    Also, make sure you do a really good hard drive wipe on that MacBook Pro that you're going to sell. You don't want anyone digging around and finding file remnants. :)

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