New MBP - one loud beep..


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Jun 25, 2007
I own a 2.4GHZ MBP that's barely a month old. It's never had any kernal panics or ANYTHING, and it's been a great computer. Today I was a bit worried though, because in Final Cut I was applying a filter (de-interlace) on a short clip, and while rendering, a very loud beep came from my computer, and I practically crapped myself. I didn't think I should even post here because my computer is absolutely fine now, but I want to take every precaution. ( i have applecare too if this actually is a problem ).


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Aug 22, 2007
My Dell Inspiron made strange noises like that all the time!! Seems to be still running ok, wouldnt worry about it yet, looks like your covered so wouldnt get to bothered over it. Computers make many wierd and wonderful noises!!!

Hope your Macs ok tho!! :apple:


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Jan 8, 2006
New Jersey
Mad jew is diagonstic check on that MBP. You wouldn't want to have it fail down the road. Usually a long beep when you boot the computer up means that there is a fault with the RAM on the computer....or if there is a firmware update that you just downloaded.....but regardless, those sounds only happen when you boot up.