New MBP report.


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Jul 14, 2007
Uppsala, Sweden
I ordered a MacBook Pro 15.4" 2.2 GHz July 20th, I ordered it from the online Apple Store, Sweden. They sent it 23rd and I got it Aug 1st. It's got a matte LG screen.
No visible problems, I haven't had any unexpected errors (kernel panics). The screen is fine, might be a little dark towards the bottom, but I don't think it would be unless I'd read the threads on screen problems, 'cause I cant see it in regular use. The screen is not yet calibrated.
No other problems so far (over-heating, not closing completely etc.), the only issue I've had is that the AirPort Extreme wouldn't let me connect to the internet during a period of time (it worked fine out of the box, then I changed a few settings and it wouldn't work, tried factory resetting and reinstalling a few times with no improvement. Then one time I tried it it just worked, so I'm waiting a few days until I reinstall the AirPort Express just to be sure) but everything is fine now.

Worked fine streaming music from the AirDisk through the computer to the AirPort Express as well =)

Oh, and I'm a first time mac owner, so I'm really glad I got a computer without any problems =D

Now some of you can reply with congratulations/questions and eventually the thread will wither away, but I'm sure I've added another punch for the "no errors" side of this forum, that might push people to buy their new laptop in spite of these yellowing threads. I did =)


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Jul 31, 2007
Wow that was fast. I ordered the exact same machine 24th of july from the norwegian apple store, and still not sent. Maybe ADC rebate customers are low priority.

Anyway, congratulations on a great machine :) Always nice to hear about people that don't experience problems.


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Yeah, thanks for posting. Obviously there have been some issues with the SR MBP's, and some folk have been extremely unlucky in receiving lemon after lemon, but every day it becomes clearer that there are plenty of good machines out there, mine included, and that newer machines appear to be fairing much better than the first batches.


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Jun 15, 2004
I've had my SR MBP for a month now, really amazing machine!
Everything went perfect, it was here 12 days after i ordered it online on Apple Norway and except for a lil'bit uneven shift key, the machine is 100% perfect.

I've had powerbooks since the PB180 ages ago and replaced my last gen PBg4 with this SR MBP and i've always been lucky with good machines, except one PbG4 that died on me after 14 months (1.33ghz version), but apple replaced it for free with a 1.5ghz :D