New MBP screen issues.


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Jul 10, 2007
Hello all. So my 8 day old 2.2 MBP screen is flipping out, it goes to a bright white with pinstripe colors running down it (example below). I'm thinking its a software issue because it only happens when I restart the machine. I have to do a PRAM reset for it to display correctly, after that it works fine. Has anyone else exprienced this ? Could it be some sort of driver conflict ?

It started last night after maybe an hour of playing WoW and casual browing. I did call applecare this morning and they're sending a box out in morning, but its going to take 7 days from what the techie told me. Problem is I'm leaving for Japan Monday evening and wont be back until 2 weeks later. So no one will be here to accept it. Also I do suffer from OCD making me super anal about small things such as marks, scratches, dust, etc. How will they handle my MBP ? I hear about some people getting their macs back with scratches, marks, screens with dead pixels. I know it's not much of a deal but it is to me and I'd go absolutely insane.

Should I go on and send it off in the morning or maybe wait and let a mac genius look at it ?


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Jun 27, 2006
Seattle, WA
You can ask Apple to keep the MacBook Pro at an Apple store, and when you get back, just go to the Apple store and get it. When I sent my MacBook Pro out for repair the service was finished in about 5 days, my MacBook Pro came back in great condition.