New MBP user and iTunes help needed

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by cyrano02, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Sep 10, 2011
    I am setting up our MBP for the 5 users in the house.

    Setting up Docs etc has went smoothly but I have become stuck in how to transfer over iTunes libraries from Windows PC.

    The iTunes libraries are on an external drive as we have separate accounts...Crazy Frog is just not my thing!

    I have only concentrated on the smallest library as it is 13Gb. Thinking that if I can crack it, then I can tackle the others which includes one at 110Gb.
    There is a fair selection of downloaded music, cd which have been imported, movies and podcasts.

    The external drive is a WD 500Gb which has 2 partitions if that makes any difference.
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    Your External sound be ONE partition because iTunes Music/Movies/audio Books/ etc. Will grow unwieldily over time. Then just consult the Apple document iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder.

    If you have Windows computer users using their iTunes you can use two things.
    a) iTunes for Windows: Moving your iTunes Media folder.

    b) For your Windows PCs use the shareware MacDrive.

    MacDrive works great in my Windows 7 machine and treats any Mac OS Extended drives like any other drive. My Windows 7 partition can even format a drive Mac OS Extended!

    So just format the drive one partition and use MacDrive and then move the iTunes Library to that drive and hook all the iTunes to that one Library, on that external.
  3. cyrano02, Sep 11, 2011
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    Sep 10, 2011
    I had the two partition in windows as one was used for backup while the other was used for iTunes and photographs. Though I will probably make it one later.

    Thanks for the links. Shame that there is not a link for moving the library from PC to MAC.
    The PC move is what I did a number of years ago when I moved my library from the c:\ drive over to the external drive.

    Followed the instructions to tidy up the files and consolidate. Then connected the external drive to the MBP. Fired up iTunes and change preference to point to external drive. Was hoping that podcasts, music, videos etc would then appear in library. Sadly nothing is in iTunes. Got an error message saying I did not have the privileges to copy files.

    Any step by step instructions greatly appreciated.

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