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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by nick42069, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. nick42069 macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2007
    #1 am I happy to finally be posting on here...I have been a computer and network administrator for almost 5 years and used windows all my life and soooo happy to report that a new MBP is on the way! Also want to mention I have followed this site religiously for past 6 months waiting and waiting for the MBP to come out and I must commend all you regulars on running such an amazing my mind Apple should just freakin subsidize this site, like how many new customers and increased brand loyalty is created just by macrumors alone....I am a perfect example of thanks for all the info all the way!! MR rocks!!

    Just wanted to clear up 2 things that I have seen posted all over the place latley:
    1) ADC members are not gauranteed a copy of leopard...Yes we know it happened with tiger, but as of yet, student or even premiere and select developers are not being told they will recieve a retail copy of the big ADC members already have advanced copys of it, but currently, apple has not made a decision as to whether we (student adc members) will get leopard for free or not
    2) If you are using the ADC student membership and your hardware discount then your are NOT able to get a free Ipod through the back-to-school promo...ADC purchases go through a different store than the one which offers the ipod this is not possible even though mulitple people have posted on here it is

    Just wanted to mention those 2 brief things to clear up any confusion...Other than that I would totally recommend the ADC membership for any buying a MBP...even after buying the membership (came to 117 CA with taxes) its still an awesome deal....I am soo excited...only took me one phone call to get my student status if your buying a MBP and dont care about a Nano then go this route!!!

    Any advice for a first time mac owner (ordered a 15" SR MBP 2.4Ghz 256Vram) Such as changes or things to look for when I get it next week? people keep talking about a fresh OS install...this is just to wipe preinstalled drivers and language packs right? can I remove these without an OS install...or can I pull drivers or demos off the cd if needed without reinstalling if I do decide to wipe? whats your best advice, I do care about HDD space...any other first time advice or accessory advice would be great...havn't ordered anything other than the MBP yet!!!!!
    Can't wait :apple: :D :apple:
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    Aug 27, 2006
    You do realize there are tons of threads abotu ADC right?

    1) I just verified everything today, while the rep on the phone could not say "Yes you will definetly", he said the past should hold true as you are supposed to get a copy of OS X. Plus, even if they didnt they would what, send you a PPC version of Tiger, what good does that do someone who bought an Intel Mac? It is safe to assume that you will be getting Leopard.

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