iPad mini New mini.....wifi connection problems....

Discussion in 'iPad' started by noupf, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. noupf macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2008
    got my wife a new ipad mini and the wifi connectivity is giving me problems. I have the wifi on and "ask to join networks" off.

    I go to the screen to select my home network, enter the pass phrase and it connects., but the "choose a network" spinner ( the little icon that spins when the computer is thinking) just keeps spinning. We turn off the ipad and then back on and we have no more wifi connection.

    Then, when i go back to settings and click our home network, i have to enter the password again........

    WTF !!!!
  2. nancyfromafrica macrumors member

    Sep 17, 2012
    Here are a few things I found which could help you resolve your problem

    1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.

    2. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and turn Off. Then while at Settings>Wi-Fi, turn back On and chose a Network.

    3. Change the channel on your wireless router (Auto or Channel 6 is best). Instructions at http://macintoshhowto.com/advanced/how-to-get-a-good-range-on-your-wireless-netw ork.html

    4. Go into your router security settings and change from WEP to WPA with AES.

    5. Renew IP Address: (especially if you are droping internet connection)

    • Launch Settings app

    • Tap on Wi-Fi

    • Tap on the blue arrow of the Wi-Fi network that you connect to from the list

    • In the window that opens, tap on the Renew Lease button

    6. Potential Quick Fixes When Your iPad Won’t Connect to Your Wifi Network

    http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-tips-tricks/potential-quick-fixes-when-your-ipad-won t-connect-to-your-wifi-network/


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    Wifi Doesn't Connect After Waking From Sleep - Sometimes increasing screen brightness prevents the failure to reconnect after waking from sleep. According to Apple, “If brightness is at lowest level, increase it by moving the slider to the right and set auto brightness to off.”

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    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/a/Troubleshooting-A-Weak-Wi-Fi-Sig nal.htm

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    Unable to Connect After iOS Update - saw this solution on another post.


    Note - When troubleshooting wifi connection problems, don't hold your iPad by hand. There have been a few reports that holding the iPad by hand, seems to attenuate the wifi signal.

    Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings grayed out or dim


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