New MobileMe User, I'm in over my head

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    I'm probably over complicating things, but I just can't seem to get MobileMe working the way I want it to.

    I find myself having this elaborate scheme to sync my Bookmarks with all of my computers and devices.

    I have: Desktop PC (Windows 7), Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone
    I use: Google Chrome on PC and MBP, Safari on iPad, iPhone of course

    I already have my bookmarks syncing with Google Chrome's built in sync. That's fine for syncing my PC and MBP.

    I have installed Xmarks for both Google Chrome and IE to get their bookmarks in sync on my PC.

    I use MobileMe to sync my IE bookmarks with my MobileMe account.
    I also have bookmark syncing enabled on my MBP, but I have no idea what/when/how it's syncing.

    From there, my iPad and iPhone sync with my MobileMe account.

    I am getting weird results, like missing bookmarks, or sometimes my bookmarks will reset to the defaults on the iPad/iPhone.

    Don't even get me started on Contacts/Calendar syncing...I'm feeling like MobileMe was just a waste of money and it's just making my life more difficult. I am looking for any suggestions (either with my workflow or with MobileMe itself).

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    I have the exact same setup, except I don't have the iPad (its on its way though). So I think I can help you out on this.

    I suggest not using Google Chromes's bookmark syncing. Its great, but its just another variable that could mess things up. You should be able to accomplish everything you want with just XMarks and MobileMe.

    Sounds good...

    Hmm. If possible you might try syncing MobileMe bookmarks on your Mac, instead of your PC. I think MobileMe sync is more reliable on a mac than on windows. Since your IE bookmarks are syncing with XMarks, you could install XMarks for Safari on your Mac (its a System Prefs pane). Then those Safari bookmarks will sync to MobileMe, and then out to your iPhone and iPad.

    Or you might try going into System Preferences on your Mac or the MobileMe control panel on Windows and go to the sync tab. Then click advanced, and replace all bookmark info on MobileMe with info from your computer. Of course you'll want to make sure the bookmarks on your computer are the correct set you want to have.

    I hate to get you started on Calendar/Contacts sync, but what issues are you experiencing? ;)

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