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New moderators!


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Apr 18, 2004
Somewhere over the rainbow
Please join us in welcoming three moderators to our ranks! The new volunteers, who are experienced members of our community, will assist users, enforce forum rules, and help us set site policies.

For the first time, we've chosen to present the new moderators in the form of an informal contest.* You may notice that their biographies are unusually impressive. Which items are facts, and which are fiction? Feel free to comment and question the newbies!

*informal = no prizes :p

Our new moderators:

@Boyd01 learned ALGOL in 1967 and bought one of the first 5000 Apple ][ computers in 1978. He wishes he still had that one, but rumor has it he kept all the original manuals and cassette tapes and regularly reviews them. He upgraded to a 512k "Fat Mac" in 1985 during his tenure on the faculty at SUNY Oswego.

He had a long career in theatrical technology with degrees from the University of Virginia and Carnegie-Mellon University and was director of design and technology for The Opera Company of Philadelphia from 1993 until retirement in 2011. His opera designs have appeared in over 200 productions throughout North America. Those of you who are curious can read more here:

Not satisfied with tech, and after an embarrasing incident trying to find his way out of an Apple Store, he got interested in cartography and started making maps in 2008, with almost 50,000 downloads at Started his own site a few years ago but is now devoting his efforts to a new map site which he's developing with open source software.

When he's not staring a a computer screen, he haunts the woods around his secluded home, scaring the wildlife.

@chown33 is a man of few words and an international man of mystery who has wandered the MacRumor wilderness since 2009. Many of you will know him from the top 702134 posters threads. No one has been able to figure out where he works, but he is able to pay all his bills. He disguises himself on occasion as a neck-beard who lives in his parents' basement. He has been known to travel long distances to meet clients, but communicates with most of them via smoke signals. His motto is "What's life without whimsy?"

@NoBoMac has been a member since 2014. He lives in the witness protection program, is the dictator of a break-away republic and runs a Fortune 500 company in his spare time. Semi-retired from the software and hardware industries, he enjoys his time in the desert southwest in between the odd gig and conventions with other dictators.

He stumbled onto MacRumors trying to find some answers to TRIM enabling and has stuck around ever since. He was a Mac user back in the late 80s, and came back in 2008 when he got rid of his old PC for a MacBook Pro and then purchased his first iPhone.

He tends to stick to the forums for currently supported operating systems and hardware, as even though he has been in the tech world for longer than he cares to admit, he has always turned a skeptical eye toward the latest hype and has no need to be bleeding edge. He keeps an eye out for info on what's coming down the road, just doesn't need to jump early (and indeed often needs to be pushed).

All three newbies on the team are friendly, helpful, and patient. They've been through moderator boot camp and have lived to tell the tale.

Welcome! :)

Now for the serious stuff:

The goal of the administrators and moderators is to keep the forums enjoyable and useful for both forum members and site visitors. Enforcement of the rules is based on twin goals of consistency and fairness.

We're very happy that these outstanding forum members, whose helpfulness over the years you may already have noticed, agreed to join our moderation team and continue their service to other users in an official role. We are grateful to all of our moderators for their assistance to the site and for accepting so much responsibility on your behalf.

The selection process

The selection of moderators is a slow, careful process. We start with recommendations from the current moderators, looking for users with the right personality and instincts: helpful, friendly, rational, fair, those whose participation has consistently been a benefit to their fellow forum members. These we choose excel in many ways and are well suited for the role we ask them to take as moderators.
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